Monday, June 19, 2006

Spain is set to fly through Group H with another win today. After they crushed Ukraine four-nil last game, they expect to blow Tunis to ‘Kingdom Kong’ and seal a ticket for round two. Tunisia certainly struggled their first game, only scoring one point from a draw with Saudi Arabia. For a while, Ukraine even trailed the Saudi's.
"If it is not broken, don't fix it," says the commentator while Spain lines up the same eleven men who killed in the last match.
Spain starts confident, still Tunisia twists the plot of the story. A plot twist we have seen before, the underdog victors in the battle. In the eight minute, a striker of Tunisia dribbles deep into the penalty box, sees no shot, and dribbles back. On his way out of the box, he spots his teammate making a run. He crosses, and his teammate connects his foot with the ball.


Tunisian fans awaken.
"Now the game is on, now we find out what the Spaniards are made off, says the commentator.
Spain awakes too, they tighten their offence and test the defense, and the keeper, of Ukraine.
"Spain starting to edge closer and closer,” says the commentator.
Ukraine stands firm, a defender heads a ball, headed by a Spaniard, off the goal line. The hero of Tunis is born, the savior of the dream. The teams go for the half time break with a one-nil lead for Tunis. I wonder, what would have been the odds on that, forty-five minutes ago?
"Spain has to change their luck, they have to get a goal in this game,” says the commentator. I am sure the Spaniards possess that wisdom, and they open the attack in the second half.
"Tunisia cannot get a hold on the ball," says the commentator, while the Spaniards circle the ball around the field.
The keeper of Tunis insists to fist the ball away, but no rebound finds the target. The Spanish coach scratches his head.
The question, where is the magic, must be on his mind.
"Tunisia is defending as if their lives are depending on it," says the commentator. Considering this match might very well be the event by which the future is going to remember them by, he might be right.
Tunisia does an excellent job cracking any momentum the Spanish try to build up. Still Spain is persistent, Raoul is left unmarked when the ball rebounds, from a long shot, of the keeper.
"It is a rescue act of Raoul," says the commentator. "Spanish hearts are lifted again. He means, the dream lives on.


"Tunisia brave resistant has been ended,” say the commentator.
A Spanish striker accepts a long ball, from the halfway line, and he brushes it with the outside of his right foot. The ball makes a sharp curve in the grass and catapults into the top right corner of the goal.


Christmas comes early for Spain when they gain a penalty of an innocent scuffle in the box.
The keeper gets a hand on the ball, but it is not enough.


Although injured, Tunisia is still in the race.
Spain already ran, re-found their magic, and they demand a ticket for round two.